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Top 5 Reasons That You Need Gutters

Jan 24, 2022 | Gutter Protection, Seamless Gutters

Gutters serve the primary purpose of collecting rainwater from the roof and directing it away from the foundation of the house. They are an essential element of a roofing system that can help you save money on unnecessary expenses and repairs. Gutters are available in different sizes, materials, colors, and designs that make it easier for you to find one that blends in with your home’s exterior. People who live in areas with frequent rainfall or snow can benefit significantly from installing gutters on their roofs. This article looks at the top five reasons why your house needs gutters.

  1. It Helps Protect Your Siding

Regardless of the type of siding material installed on your home’s exterior, it is likely to be damaged by water and other elements if you lack a gutter on your roof. Water can accumulate around your windowsills and cause extensive damage even if it is partially shielded by an awning. Clog-free gutters not only keep snowmelt and rainwater away from your home but also protects all the exterior components of your house including the siding and foundation. Once rainwater has been collected, it is channeled directly to the downspouts and into the storm drains where they can be recycled for other purposes. Without a gutter, your siding will deteriorate after some time because of constant exposure to moisture.

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion

Water that cascades next to your home’s foundation can cause soil erosion as it carries all the topsoil away from your landscape. If rainwater is not funneled properly, it can scatter everywhere flashing out all the essential minerals in the soil. A gutter can act as a safe pathway that allows water from your roof to flow safely into the downspouts into a storage tank where it can be recycled for other useful purposes like gardening. Homeowners need to have a proper drainage plan when installing their gutters so that rainwater can either be recycled or led as far as possible from the house.

  1. Helps Control Insect Breeding Cycles

Another reason why your house needs gutters is to prevent the occurrence of pooled water, which can attract insects and pests to your home. Water that splashes directly on the ground can create pools of water that may encourage insect breeding cycles. Some of the common insects you expect around huge puddles of water include mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other airborne pests that pose a double threat to homes that lack rain gutters. Insect colonies are not only a nuisance to the people who are passing by but can also be harmful to your health. When water is directed away from your siding or foundation, it reduces the chances of insect colonies to erupt at once in multiple areas around your home.

  1. It Prevents Mold Growth

Mold tends to grow in unwanted places because of high levels of moisture and poor ventilation. The amount of water crashing near the foundation can cause leakages inside your basement. The flooded water around your house can force its way through the cracks in your wall into your basement. This can be a disaster as it creates a perfect environment for mold growth. The basement is one of the most neglected areas in a home that can easily be a target for mold especially when it has all the necessary conditions that accelerate the growth of mold. Even if your walls or foundation already show signs of cracks, gutters can help reduce the amount of moisture seeping into your home as you look for a way to address the problem.

  1. Adds Beauty to Your Home’s Exterior

Gutters prevent rainwater from flowing beneath the roof structure as it can damage your roofing material and cause leakages. It extends the lifespan of your roofing material keeping it looking new for longer. Besides functionality, gutters also come in different shapes, styles, and colors to suits the exterior design of any home. They increase curb appeal that can have a dramatic impact on the resale value of your home. While a lot of focus is often placed on interior home staging, a gutter can enhance the exterior curb appeal giving a good first impression to homebuyers.

Installing gutters in your home is a great investment that prevents damage to the exterior structure as well as your landscape. Although it may seem a nuisance to maintain your gutter regularly, it is very important to prevent clogging in the downspouts as it may lead to other serious problems. Generally, gutters are ideal for every home as they offer both functionality and aesthetics, which in turn increases the resell value of your home.

Choosing what you want for your rain gutters can be daunting after you discover all the options available. Panama City Gutters helps you through the process, installing the most durable gutters to protect the foundations of your Panama City, Florida business. We are the ultimate solution to protect your home from leaks and runoff. Contact the experts at Panama City Gutters by filling out the contact form on this website and schedule an appointment right away. We will be happy to assist you! 

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